11AM Buyer Preview & BBQ Lunch (Charles Brown Building)
1PM Sale Begins (Sale Barn)

Come out to support our local youth and fill your freezer at the Junior Livestock Auction! Register now to become a buyer.


MARCH 1, 2024

  • Ownership Deadline for Market Steers
  • Turkey, and Pullet Hatch Date (after March 1, 2024)

APRIL 15, 2024

  • Ownership Deadline for Market Steers
  • Broiler Hatch Date (after April 15, 2024)

APRIL 30, 2024

  • Ownership Deadline for Sheep, Goats, and Swine
  • Rabbit Kindling Date

MAY 5, 2024

  • All Market, Breeding, and Showmanship Entries Due Online

JUNE 29, 2024

  • Junior Livestock Auction

    2024 SCHEDULE

    MAY 5TH

    • Online Entry Deadline

    JUNE 25TH

    • 3pm – 8pm: Hand stall and track load-in allowed
    • 5pm – 8pm: Late load-in for Tack & first arrival of animals

    JUNE 26TH

    • 5am – 9am: Load-in for Beef, Sheep, Meat Goats, and early Swine load-in
    • 8am – 9am: Rabbit check-In
    • 9am: Exhibitors & leaders meeting REQUIRED
    • 9:30am – 11am: Sheep & Goat scale – must come in club order, with eartags IN ANIMAL EAR ALREADY – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • 10:30am – 11am: Beef scale, with eartags IN ANIMAL EAR ALREADY – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • 1pm: Rabbit show immediatley followed by rabbit showmanship
    • 4pm: Turkey scale and Turkey inspection
    • 5:30pm: Dairy Cattle Show followed by Beef Cattle Breeding Show, followed by Market Beef (FFA followed by 4-H)
    • 8pm – 11pm: Late Swine load-in

    JUNE 27TH

    • 5am – 7am: FINAL SWINE LOAD-IN
    • 7:30am: Hog scale open must come in club order, with eartags IN ANIMAL EAR ALREADY – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • 7am – 8am: Poutlry check-in & inspection
    • 9am: Turkey Show
    • 11am: Meat Birds & Pullet Show
    • Followed by Poultry Showmanship
    • 1pm: Poultry Cage Show – birds must be in labled correct cages at this time
    • 2pm: Breeding sheep followed by Market Sheep (FFA followed by 4-H) and wether dam does followed by Meat Goat Show (FFA followed by 4H)
    • 6pm: Breading Swing followed by Swine Market Show (FFA followed by 4-H)

    JUNE 28TH

    • 8am: Swine Showmanship
    • 10:30am: Sheep and Meat Goat Showmanship
    • NOON: Primary Pygmy Goat Show & Pygmy Goat Show Following by Dairy Goat Show
    • 3pm: Dairy Cattle Showmanship followed by Cattle Showmanship
    • 6pm: PeeWee Sponsorship
    • 7pm: Round Robin & Costume Contests

    JUNE 29TH

    • 11am-1pm: Buyer Preview & BBQ Lunch
    • 1pm: Auction Sales begin in the Sale Barn
    • 1pm: Last call for extra animals to be consigned to the truck
    • 5pm: Cornhole tournament
    • 8:30pm: All live pick-up animals and breeding animals MUST BE OFF GROUNDS AND OUT OF FAIR PROVIDED PENS

    JUNE 30TH

    • 5am: Trucks load
    • 7am: Clean-up – Please see list of assigned club times and areas


        Dean’s Plumbing & Heating

        Schats Bakery

        Mahogany Smoked Meats

        Red’s Meadow Resort

        High Country Lumber

        Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse

        Manor Market

        Eastern Sierra Propane

        Perry Motors

        Fran Mason