We Love the Fair, but We Love YOU More.

The 2020 Tri-County Fair has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

CEO, Jen McGuire discussed how the Inyo County Public Health Department believed it would not be best to host the fair this year due to the State of California not allowing any mass gatherings.

McGuire also says that she has tried to find a solution when it comes to hosting the fair, but it was just not possible.

“We have tried different ideas, and I have laid awake each night to see if we can do a virtual fair, or an open market, or anything possible to try and make work. Unfortunately it is just not going to happen with our numbers continuing to rise, and  COVID numbers will continue to rise for the next two to three weeks. I have to tell you cancelling fair was something that we kind of all knew was coming, but it is just sad that it actually is happening. We have tried everything we possibly could to make it happen,” McGuire said.


Next Year...


September 2nd – September 5th, 2021

The Tri-County Fair needs to be a full Celebration and we look forward to welcoming all in 2021.

Labor Day Weekend, the fair rolls into the small town of Bishop, CA. Butler Amusements has been providing the Carnival Midway for the Tri-County Fair for over 15 years. They provide a wide variety of major, family and kid-friendly rides, fun Midway games and a clean and professional presentation for our guests. Come out and enjoy the thrills and fun of the midway at the Tri-County Fair!

The Tri-County Fair Board of Directors welcomes each of you to our “Harvest our Counties’ Bounties”. The Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair is guaranteed to be the BEST FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER. It’s a time to showcase and celebrate the talents and achievements of our local communities. Entering projects in the Fair Exhibits Competition allows you the opportunity to showcase your efforts and creative talents. We encourage all talents and all ages to enter one project this year!

We are developing many new classes, plus plan on a Beer and Wine Competition, a bigger and better BBQ Competition, new food, new vendors and new entertainment to bring in more fun for everyone.


Come join us Sunday night, September 5th at 7:00 for one of the most popular events at the fair!! Listen to the engines rev, smell the smoke, hear the crowd cheer, feel the excitement as the various divisions and heats enter the arena and fight ’til the last vehicle is running.

Destruction Derby Rules and Entry Form (PDF)

More Destruction Derby Info
tri county derby parade

Photo by Gayla Wolfe

Girls showing the pie contest sign

Photo by Gayla Wolfe


A county fair wouldn’t be complete without the competition pies, cookies, quilts, paintings and giant pumpkins. Every year at the Tri-County Fair, the community’s gardeners, bakers and artisans of all ages and types come together to share their talents with more than twenty five thousand Fairgoers. Enter into a competition to win a coveted blue ribbon or visit one of the Tri-County Fair’s competitive galleries and witness the spirit of competition that is alive and thriving.

2021 Pie Contest: Berry Pie (any type of BERRY!)
2021 Cookie Contest: Chocolate Chip
2021 Beer and Wine Competition is back!!

Dust off grandma’s recipes and get ready for the 2021 Tri-County Fair! Entry and rule info coming soon….


September 4th, 2021

IT’S THE TRIFECTA THIS YEAR!!! PORK BUTT, CHICKEN THIGH AND BEEF RIBS!!! Entrants have a choice to BBQ using a gas BBQ, a wood BBQ, a pellet BBQ or a charcoal BBQ. Entrants are required to provide their choice of BBQ, utensils and seasonings. The Tri-County Fair will provide the meat, area to cook and a prep table. Entrants will be provided with pork butt, rack of beef ribs and six thighs. Entrants will have the opportunity to season or place in marinade their meat in the Charles Brown kitchen on Friday, Septmeber 4th between 4-8pm in preparation for the contest on Saturday, September 4th. Also, on Friday entrants are welcome to set up your BBQ area. The meat will be stored at the fairgrounds overnight. Check in time is on Saturday, September 4th from 6am to noon in the Charles Brown kitchen. Judging will be at 6pm. Entries will be judged by a panel of judges, then made available to the public for sampling. Entrants will receive 1 one-day pass for admission when your entry form is submitted. Entrants will receive one pork butt, 6 chicken thighs and 1 rack of beef ribs.
Sponsored by High Country Lumber

tri county bbq contest

Photo by Gayla Wolfe

Photos by Terrance Vestel