September 2nd – September 5th, 2023 | Bishop, California

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Labor Day Weekend, the fair rolls into the small town of Bishop, CA. Butler Amusements has been providing the Carnival Midway for the Tri-County Fair for over 15 years. They provide a wide variety of major, family and kid-friendly rides, fun Midway games and a clean and professional presentation for our guests. Come out and enjoy the thrills and fun of the midway at the Tri-County Fair! Buy Fair Tickets Now. 


Every September over Labor Day Weekend, Bishop, CA celebrates its annual Tri-County Fair and Rodeo. Saddle up to Saturday Night, September 3rd @7PM to this exciting event for the whole family. We’ve got everything from Team Roping, Junior Breakaway Roping, Buckin’ Broncos and hold onto your hats, serious Bull Riding. >> Get Tickets Now


Come join us Sunday night, September 4th at 7:00 for the most popular event at the fair!! Listen to the engines rev, smell the smoke, hear the crowd cheer, feel the excitement as the various divisions and heats enter the arena and fight ’til the last vehicle is running. This event sells out. 

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The Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair is going to be the BEST FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER. It’s a time to showcase and celebrate the talents and achievements of our local communities. Entering projects in the Fair Exhibits Competition allows you the opportunity to showcase your efforts and creative talents. We encourage all talents and all ages to enter one project this year!

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2022 Ride List for the Tri-County Fair over Labor Day Weekend!

Crazy Train

Buckle your seatbelts; this is going to be one crazy train ride! Passengers board the Crazy Train, two to a seat, and after the doors close, the train begins to move down the track. But this is no ordinary train ride as suddenly, the entire track starts to revolve! The train continues on, upside down and then just as it recovers, the track continues revolving. As exciting to watch as it is to ride, the Crazy Train guarantees excitement.

Ring Of Fire

On the Ring of Fire passengers are firmly secured in their seats within a train of cars and are taken on a journey that circumnavigates the inside of a ‘ring of fire’.  The train pauses only once at the top before cascading down the track backwards!  The Ring of Fire is a spectacular ride just for teens and adults.


The Zipper has been one of the Midway’s most recognizable attractions for years, providing thrills to riders from teens to adults.  There’s more spinning going on with the Zipper than an out-of-control top. While the ‘cages’ holding two passengers each rise and descend on a tower boom, each spin independently and the entire boom turns, too.  Three times the action, backed by spectacular lighting bringing them back for more.  Riders must be at least 50” tall to ride 

Alien Invasion

The Alien Invasion welcomes passengers aboard an enclosed alien spaceship. Once inside the entire ride revolves, spinning at 24 RPM and uses centrifugal force to sweep passengers off of their feet giving them the feeling of weightlessness. All aboard this 45-person capacity Alien Invasion for one wild ride

Tilt A Whirl

Round and round they go and where they stop, nobody know! An old favorite that has thrilled and excited patrons for generations, the Tilt-A-Whirl is a swirling experience for teens and adults. Separate cars rotate individually as the entire ride revolves up, down and around! 

Pirates of the Midway

Pirates of the Midway take you on a salty quest of epic proportions. This pirate themed walk-through attraction is a thrilling trip through a maze of unusual sights and sounds! Inside and out, the Pirates of the Midway is an eye-catching adventure, complete with tricks and thrills

Crown Mary Go Round

For decades, audiences have been awed by the beautifully handcrafted majesty of the carousel. To witness The Crown Merry Go Round is to see this piece of Americana in all its glory. This 30 foot Americana Themed Carousel features  jumping horses, and 2 chariots.  Parents and children create memories while they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!

Dragon Wagon (From Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch) 

The Dragon Wagon is a kid size coaster. Riders travel in an undulating circle around a raised track. The coaster cars are themed like a dragon and each section of its body hold two passengers.


Get your little motor runnin’ on this high-octane kiddy ride. The Roadsters is an umbrella ride with mini classic cars to ride in which travel in a 360-degree rotation. This ride will bring out the little grease monkey in any child! 

Eagle 16

A staple of the American Midway, this 16-seat ferris wheel has eight front facing cars holding two riders in each.  It offers both a gentle ride around the 360-degree vertical circle and a thrilling view, as riders are lifted high above the ground and able to see for miles.  

1st Squadron

The 1st Squadron is a great ride for the whole family! These jet fighters have a small steering wheel that allows the children to maneuver the ride up and down as if they are the ones flying the jet through the air.

Kite Flyer

The Kite Flyer is an unusual amusement ride where, instead of sitting, passengers lie horizontally within the frame of colorful gliders. After riders are buckled in, the ride begins to turn and then rises in the air for a thrilling, soaring sensation before gently gliding back to “Earth”.

Berry Go Round

On the Berry Go Round four ripe red strawberries  welcome children and parents aboard for a smooth ride. Passengers can move the ride at their own pace by turning a giant steering wheel inside the berry spinning themselves round and round while the entire ride revolves as well. This ride is a great introduction for ride enthusiasts in training before stepping up to the Tilt A Whirl. 

Kid Wheel

The Kid Wheel is a perfect practice ride for kids that are not ready for the Eagle 16. This mini-Ferris wheel is only seventeen feet high, just enough for a good view but not too much for beginning riders.


Families delight as they spin in two directions at the same time. The Scrambler has 12 seats each seat capable of holding 3 people. The main frame spins as each arm of seats spins independently, creating a feeling of funky flight. The Scrambler also features Deluxe Lighting and programmed incandescent “Ultra Lights.”

Don’t miss the amazing FREE live music at the Coso Energy Stage.

Plus, our strolling entertainment will have something for everyone; magicians, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, and puppet shows.

Chicken Rider

Sheriff Fowler’s giant chicken has flown the coop and headed to the fair. Introducing ‘The Chicken Rider’! Since the giant Chicken hatched, this fun and interactive strolling act has entertained all around the world creating lots of smiles. With over twenty-five years of professional experience designing highly visual puppets, the Zambini Bros. creation is eggcellent for County and State Fairs.

Violin on Fire 

Back by popular demand!  Violin On Fire has branded his unique style of playing Latin, R&B, Rock and Country as a solo violinist. His album is currently #9 on Billboard (Classical crossover), #1 Latin Album on iTunes and Amazon!

Tapigami Demonstrations in the Charles Brown 

Come see the sheer talent of Tapigami – over 1000 origami creations.

Adam the Great

Strolling magician that is sure to mystify you! 

BMX Stunt Show

These are some of the best freestyle riders on the West Coast. Not only will they be performing their stunt show, but the professional riders will also host an autograph session in between the shows. 

Cook’s Racing Pigs

See the lightning-fast Pigs race around the track for their reward of Ice Cream and Cookies. Pick the winning color and you win a Blue Ribbon. Additional prizes awarded at each show. 

Jeremy the Juggler

Comedy show on wheels.  Watch Jeremy as he juggles fire and other objects on his unicycle

Caricature Artists

Get Cartoonified….Get a hand drawn caricature that they are sure to love! Our caricaturists don’t disappoint. A Caricature Made Just For You Is Sure To Delight. 

Monster Playhouse

Come Rock and Roar with Kiddle Karoo and her zany Monster crew! This Monster Party is a unique blend of high-energy original music and rockin’ kid’s classics with a “Monster” twist! The crowd laughs, dances and roars along at this Monster romp which promises to bring everyone to their feet for a MONSTER-IFIC GOOD TIME!

Pacific Animal Productions – will be located in the livestock sale barn

For over three decades, Pacific Animal Productions has been dedicated to conserving wildlife and endangered species while educating people about the wonders of wildlife. We incorporate “edu-tainment” into our programs to engage the audience and give them a safe environment to see, touch and learn about the many animals we share our planet with.  We will have the following on display: 

  • Spider Display
  • Reptile Display
  • Bird Display 
  • Kangaroo
  • Porcupine
  • Lemur
  • Alpaca 
  • Alligator
  • Sloth 

Sheep to Shawl Demonstrations – front of Heritage Arts Building

Watch the hand weavers and spinners take raw wool from sheep and spin it into a shawl, blankets, etc. 

Wool Sheep Display and Shearing Demonstrations – in the Livestock Area

Learn about wool sheep breeds and watch real live shearing demonstrations

Welcome Back Tri-County Fair Exhibitors

The exhibit office open 9AM – 5PM

A county fair wouldn’t be complete without the competition pies, cookies, quilts, paintings and giant pumpkins. Every year at the Tri-County Fair, the community’s gardeners, bakers and artisans of all ages and types come together to share their talents with more than twenty five thousand Fairgoers.

Enter into a competition to win a coveted blue ribbon or visit one of the Tri-County Fair’s competitive galleries and witness the spirit of competition that is alive and thriving. Dust off grandma’s recipes and get ready for the Tri-County Fair!

Save the Date! Submit your registration online >> 

Our exhibits committee is actively working on the Fair Exhibitor Guide. We’re excited to say that we should have it online this month. What are some changes to the exhibits that you would like to see? We would love to have more entries. Your suggestions are important to us!

If you have any questions, call the Exhibit Office (760) 873-3588

Clothing & Textiles (Adult & Junior)
Photography (Adult & Junior)
4-H (Except Food and Agriculture)
Fine Art (Junior) School Projects
Handicrafts (Adult & Junior)
Computer Projects (Adult & Junior)
All Special Exhibit Categories

Fine Art (Adult)
Wednesday, September 1st
Baked Foods (Adult, Junior & 4-H)
Preserved Foods (Adult, Junior & 4-H)
Floriculture – Potted Plants, Dry, Silk (Adult & Junior)

Agriculture (Adult, Junior & 4-H)
Floriculture – Fresh Items (Adult & Junior)
6:00 PM Pie Contest – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

3:00 pm Cookie Contest – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Come join us Sunday night, September 4th at 7:00 for the most popular event at the fair!! Listen to the engines rev, smell the smoke, hear the crowd cheer, feel the excitement as the various divisions and heats enter the arena and fight ’til the last vehicle is running. This event sells out. 

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Destruction Derby Rules and 2022 Entry Form (PDF)

Power Derby Registration Form (PDF)

Power Wheels Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Saturday 11AM get ready for the 2022 cattle drive down Home Street in Bishop, CA!