Junior Livestock Auction Top 10 Buyers

  1. Mahogany Smoked Meats
  2. Bishop Paiute Tribe
  3. Bishop Veterinary Hospital
  4. Reds Meadow Resort
  5. Deans Plumbing & Heating
  6. Eastern Sierra Propane
  7. Aaron Schat’s Roadhouse
  8. Bishop Heating & Air
  9. Talbot Cattle Company
  10. High Country Lumber

We owe our gratitude to ALL the buyers and folks who added on!
Total Sales with Add-Ons: $362,539.33.

Open Invoices and meat processing invoices will be sent to buyers via email.

Mahogany Smoked Meats
Bishop Paiute Tribe
Bishop Veterinary Hospital
Reds Meadow Resort
Andy Boxley – Deans Plumbing and Heating
Eastern Sierra Propane
Aaron Schats Roadhouse
Bishop Heating
Talbot Cattle Company LLC
High Country Lumber
Fran Mason
Eastern Sierra Realty
Coso Operating Company
Sargent Transportation
Warrens Auto Repair
Achieve Behavioral Associates
William M Carter DDS
Kemp Ranch
Martinez Family
Jaque Hickman
Boulder Creek
Four J Cattle Corp
Greg Rickets
Vanity Salon
Wye Road Feed & Supply
Glenn Steinke
Jarret and Amy Phillips
Ken Carpenter Construction
Mark Johns
Olson Sierra Enterprises
Manor Market
Inyo Mono
Rebecca Faber Farms
Mojave Precious Metals
Carson Valley Meats
Martinez Concrete
Foster Farms
Dave Stewart Construction
Giggle Springs
Jim and Judy Waggoner
First Choice Solutions
Steves Auto and Truck Parts
Spainhower Anchor Ranch
Julie and Ted Metz
Erick Schats Bakery Bishop
Lisa Yeager Storage
Vicka Stout
Dan Langford
Daves Auto Parts
Lone Pine Tribe
Rod and Lisa Swanson
Reagans Sporting Goods
Vasie Tex
John Bittner
Dr Meredick and Dr Loy Orthopedics
F William Carter
Colton Kinzy
Farm Credit West
Lone Pine Fuel Management
Jason Olin
The Lucky Barrow Pub Shed Mike and Joni Riggs
BP Distributing
Brad Braaten
Eastern Sierra Optometry
Sean Johnston
395 Marketing
Bolder Creek
Karen Bottiani
Ryan Yeager
Madler Family
Sam Avila
Dee Lacey
Frances Hunt
Inyo Mono Body Shop
Jean Crispin
Matt and Maria Kemp
Steve Blakely
Carl’s Jr
Dee Lacey Lacey Livestock
Foster Commodities
Nancy OSullivan
Victoria Saldana
Batchelder Enterprises
Lone Pine Boosters
Montgomery Creek Irrigation
Scott Durham
Diane Schalberg
David Jarvis Construction
Linda Akyuz Landscape Art and Collectibles
Lloyd Anderson
Jaime Holland
Dan Boyd
Julia Bonafede
Laura Hatch
Jen McGuire
Devon’s Flower Patch
Craig Chudy Concrete
Alex Brown
Dean and Beverly Vander Wall
Lily’s Child Care
5th District Supervisor
Connie M Durham
Crystal Cutting
David and Jeanne Willey
Doris Hoskins
Holland and Allred CPA
Lee and Linda Durham
Mickey Jarvis
Karen Rivera
Kay Wilson
Chalabama Compound
Mark and Brenda Lacey
Anna Taplin
Debra Watt
Morningstar Willis-Wagoner
Outcast Metalworks
Robin Picken
Rogue Wave Vintage
Grocery Outlet of Bishop
Susan K Patton
Gerrit G Schilder
Bradley Gardea
Hayward Capital
Joan Dunn
Kellie McGinley
Loran Kitts
Nikki Rossy
Revive Salon
Scribner Hay LLC
Tawni Romero
4 guys and a gal
Marjorie Routt
Casey Boyd
Papa Jeff Grandmarissa
Sarah Simpson
Shelly Beck
Tanners Friends
Chris Van Nest
Walt Pachuki
Brandy Gardea
Blackburn Family
Childs Family
D.J. Loyd
Felicia McDonald
Jack and Kelly McMurtrie
Jill Patton
Steve and Kelli Davis
Susanne Rizo
Tanya and Kyle Kimbrel
Tim and Lenee Talbot
Timberline Construction
Butler Family
Dan Eason
Jamie Lewis
Jessica Bowling
Joe Buffington
Matt & Carolyn Yount
Richard and Tara Lancaster
Scarlett Dishion
Shelia Suleski
Tanya Kimbrel
Brock & Tawni
Cori Denault
Daniel and Sheri Walters
David Burnsed
Debra Scrivner
Douglas Cheshire
Dusty Trieschman
Gallis Locks
Gramp Gram Rottner
Grandma Diane
Karen Mount
Lori Hilliard
Marlo Morgan
Mary Wuester
Mike Trejo
Paula Boxley
R and G Boer Goats
Ron Nakamura
Rosie Graves
Sharon Cummings
The Bud Guy Family
The Hillbillies
The Trues
Valerie Huarte
Cavalletto Law
Alisha Coffman
Hailey Charley
Jessica Tex
Lilly Brooks
Louase Thompson
Matt Norris
Williams Family
Asian Red Neck
Bart Williamson
Carol Jones
Carol Suleski
Cristin Knutson
Dave & Marci Harris
Glen Bolenbaugh
Katie Tanksley
Ken Arnold
Kori Hojo
Krista Maloney
Linda McCargar
Lucy Vincent
Michele Hart
Mila Torres
Northern Nevada Dirt Works
Sandra Newcomb
Shay Pappas
Tamara Toomey
Ted and Dawn Stec
Terry Toomey
Timothy Nakamura
Zach and Cheyenne Barnes

THANK YOU for supporting and sponsoring the Junior Livestock Program. The Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair Junior Livestock Program  offers the youth of our community a quality, hands-on educational program. Our local youth learn “real world skills”  including organization, financial management, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, citizenship, and most  importantly, positive work ethic. These youth are our future leaders.

The Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fair Junior Livestock Program offers the youth of our community a quality, hands-on educational program. Our local youth learn “real world skills” including organization, financial management, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, citizenship, and most importantly, positive work ethic. These youth are our future leaders. 

LIVESTOCK SHOW INFO: We will have a normal livestock show this year. Exhibitors will be able to show in person and the public may attend. We  will still offer the livestream option for those that can’t be here in person. We will have a link on our home page,  WWW.TRICOUNTYFAIR.COM for all interested parties to watch. We will also include the show schedule so you can watch  your favorite exhibitor. The show will be recorded and we will keep the livestream link on our site after the show. The  livestream is brought to you by Jason Brown and Laughing Parrot Productions.


The auction will be online. The auction dates are 6/23/21-6/26/21 (Wednesday-Saturday). It will close at 7PM on Saturday,  6/26/21. The sale will close “race horse style” which means the clock will reset each time a bid is updated on an animal.  The clock will stop and the auction will close as soon as no new bids come in Add-Ons will remain active through Monday,  6/28/21. As a buyer, you can purchase an entire animal, split with family and friends, purchase and donate back to the  exhibitor or to the auction committee as a resale. Or, you can add-on a flat dollar amount to one or multiple exhibitors.  See below for buyer registration instructions.


  • Bidding for the sale will Begin June 23rd at NOON.
  • Bidding will end June 26th at 7PM.
  • Add-on’s will close June 28th at 7PM.


You must be logged in to bid. Select the login tab at the top right corner of your screen.

  • Search for your name in the drop-down list.
  • Select Request Code to receive a 4-digit security code via text.
  • Enter the code in the box below your name.
  • Once you enter the code, you now have access to the sale as a bidder.
  • The code is your bidding password for the auction and will be used throughout the auction. • Once logged in, the auction screen will be visible and the auction animals will be shown by lot number. • You can filter your search by clocking the icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  • You can filter by division, club, or exhibitor’s name.
  • All animals will be sold by the head.
  • Weights will be added to all lots as soon as they weigh in for reference.
  • You are able to set a maximum bid if you’d like.
  • You can split the purchase between other registered buyers.
  • You will receive a text message if you’re the current winning bid and someone out bids you. • The sale will end in a horserace style finish, meaning the time will extend by a set number of minutes (2-4) each  time a bid is placed during extended bidding. Example: the clock will reset to 4 minutes and if another bid is  received 2 minutes later, it will go back to 4 minutes and start counting down again. 
  • Final bidding for the purchase of the lot will end on Saturday, 6/26/21 @ 7PM. 

IMPORTANT! When you place your bid on any lot, a drop-down destination selection box will appear requesting  your desired destination of the animal if you win the lot. The destination selection, for that lot, will remain the  same and will not change when future bids are placed. However, you can edit your destination anytime PRIOR  to the auction closing. Once the auction closes, it cannot be changed.  


  • This is a flat dollar amount. You are not buying the animal, just adding money to the exhibitor’s bottom line. 
  • These auctions have a “hard” end time because the sale supporters aren’t outbid. 
  • Final add-ons through the online site will close on Monday, 6/28/21 @ 7PM.


  • The Buyer selects the destination at check out.
  • The Buyer will have the option to pay at checkout or a JLA Committee Member will call as soon as the sale closes,  to finalize payment details. Destination changes cannot be accommodated.
  • We also will allow live pick up.


  • Steers – $200 harvest only, $880 harvest, cut, wrap 
  • Hogs – $125 harvest only, $375 harvest, cut, wrap and curing, $300 harvest, cut, wrap, no cure 
  • Sheep & Goats – $100 harvest only, $200 harvest, cut, wrap 

MEAT DELIVERY: You will be notified on delivery date. The delivery dates are the following. 

  • Carcass – Monday, 7/5/21
  • Meat Boxes – Monday 7/12/21

If you are uncomfortable with the online platform or have any questions, our committee members can purchase and take  care of the details for you. Please contact any of the following and we can register, bid and do the purchasing for you.

Thank You for supporting the Tri-County Junior Livestock Auction.

  • Jen McGuire, CEO Tri-County Fairgrounds (805) 421-6252
  • Brian Simpson, JLA President (760) 920-9023
  • Matt Yount, JLA Vice President (760) 920-3782
  • Sarah Fogarty, JLA Secretary (760) 264-5214
  • Clint Quilter, JLA Treasurer (831) 524-3265
  • Jarrett Phillips, JLA Member (760) 920-5270
  • Maria Kemp, JLA Committee & Proxy Coordinator (760) 937-9008
  • Brenda Lacey, JLA Committee & Proxy Coordinator (760) 878-8843

Curious about becoming a buyer?


The Junior Livestock Auction supports Ag educational programs throughout the Owens Valley. Each purchase directly finances and supports individual youth participants who are working to become future agriculture and community leaders.

As a buyer, you help these young participants to finance future animal projects as well as their overall agricultural, general education, and life experiences. Additionally, you receive high-quality, locally sourced food for you and your family to enjoy.

Each youth participant spends 3-9 months and countless hours raising and caring for their livestock projects. Learning responsibility and dedication, as well as animal care and entrepreneurship, will benefit them far into their future

Only Market Beef, Goats, Lambs, Hogs, Rabbits and Poultry, that are judged “market- ready” will be permitted to sell at the Junior Livestock. This includes the Grand Champions of each species. Simply stated, it means the best of the best are available for you to purchase!


4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization reaching more than six million youth from ages 5 to 19 years old around the nation. 4-H is focused on empowering youth to reach their full potential by focusing on four personal development areas or the four H’s: Head, Heart, Hands and Health. 4-H’ers spend their extracurricular time on projects focused on citizenship, healthy living and science so they can make a positive impact on their communities and the world. For more details, visit www.4-H.org


Created in 1928, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) is a national youth organization with over 7,500 chapters. With a motto of “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve”, FFA prepares middle and high school students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems. For more details, visit www.FFA.org

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