Important Dates

Entry Deadline:  May 7, 2021

Junior Livestock Show Dates

June 22-27, 2021

Junior Livestock Auction

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Ownership Deadline for sheep, goats, and swine April 23, 2021

Ownership Deadline for steers February 22, 2021

Turkey Hatch Date after February 22, 2021

Rabbit DOB before April 23, 2021

Entries due May 7, 2021


Each session purchased includes three modules – a knowledge builder, a skills lab, and a quiz.

  • The knowledge builder is where content is delivered, the skills lab provides an opportunity to apply the content, and the quiz tests knowledge. To receive a certification, an 80% must be achieved on the 10-question quiz.
  • These modules, completed in their entirety, will provide 2-3 hours of an experience for users.

Features of the online modules include:

  • Characters at each age level to guide youth through the course
  • Free navigation within the course so youth can spend as much or as little time on a particular topic based upon their personal needs
  • Variety of learning opportunities to accommodate various learning styles and modalities
  • Audio button on each slide so youth can listen to audio rather than read the on-screen text

Users may revisit modules anytime during their year of certification to repeat the modules purchased for additional learning opportunities.